Did You Know…

We are controlled by our dominant thoughts. These thoughts affect our perception of everything in life thereby altering the reality that we experience.

Can we agree on that?

Good. Now let’s take it one step further… since we now agree all experience in life is ruled by dominant thoughts, dominant thoughts, then, can be deemed as the Lord within you. For example, if your Lord is fear, fear then governs your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions; yielding a lackluster reality. Conversely, if your Lord is love, love then governs your thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions; yielding an abundant reality.

Now, take a second to think on what the dominant thought in your mind is. Is it love? Is it fear? If you’ve found yourself here on this blog it’s most likely fear. Now that we’ve identified it as such, here’s how to change it…

The most important idea you will ever learn is that the human mind is programmable. This works to your advantage because you have the ability to complety reinvent yourself. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through whatsoever… as long as you can get your mind to a relaxed state and repeat positive ideas regularly, you’re well on your way.

So… how the heck do ya do it already?

Here’s your first assignment. Tonight, after you first lay down in bed, go through each of your body parts in your mind and command that body part to rest (i.e. left pinky relax, left ring finger relax, etc.). Go all the way through being as detailed as you wish.

Relaxed, right???

Now, repeat to yourself the following until you drift off to sleep:

“I am divinely guided, divinely directed, and everything is mine.”

We’ll have something new for tomorrow.

Sweet dreams πŸŒŒπŸ•‰β™ΎπŸ‘

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