The Devil Is Real

Well this certainly is a strong title… ain’t it? It’s meant to grab your attention…

Let’s take a step back… my mission with this site is to provide well thought-out positivity, constructive thought patterns, and tactics PROVEN to propel you to the next level.

You are in your own way. Together, we’re taking the deep dive to outwit ourselves.

Now… let’s continue.

The Devil is real, but not in the way you think. The Devil is not some demonic figure in red waiting for all the sinners in Hell the same way that God is not some old man in the sky constantly judging people and randomly sending blessings. There is but one force, the life force, available to anyone at any time. When people use it for good we call it God, when people use it for evil we call it the Devil.

Since we have yet to get to the power of thought and the training of your mind to see only the light, we won’t go too deeply into further describing the life force. Let’s instead leave it as this for now: when your thoughts are positive, a gateway is opened for God (good, blessings, miracles, whatever you want to call it) and when your thoughts are negative, a gateway is opened for the Devil (bad luck, murphy’s law, a bad day, curse, etc.)

The Devil is made up of negative energy. The Devil is alive and well in all the people that fear him, or fear anything. You see… that’s how he feeds to maintain his life; on fear.

We are born with two fears: the fear of falling, and the fear of loud noises; all other fears are acquired through either us conditioning ourselves, or others instilling fear within us, knowingly or unknowingly. Whatever fear you maintain in your psyche, no matter how small, is feeding the negative energy we call the Devil and working against all the blessings and good that are your right.

“Great…” you’re saying, “so what do I do? These fears I have may, in fact, have been acquired, but htf do I get rid of them, they’ve been in me so long they’re a part of me and seem so real…”

Acknowledging they’re there is the first step – so you’re well on your way. Now, instead of fighting the fear, or denying its existence outright, we are going to replace the fear with a positive thought.

For the next few days, until it becomes habit, repeat the following to yourself each time you feel the onset of any fear: I am divinely guided and divinely protected. Everything is mine

Some people are willing to wait until they die to see Heaven, when it’s readily available here on Earth. I’m going to light the way… take my hand and follow me. πŸ‘β™ΎπŸŒŒπŸ•‰πŸ™Œ

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