U Can’t Do Me None, G

I remember it like it were yesterday. It was my first day of Junior High; a new school, new people, and the new effort of changing classrooms every 40 minutes. Eek!

TBH – I don’t really remember it but I thought that would be a good start. What I do remember, however, is my friend Jason’s blue binder. Do you remember the blue binders of the 90’s? On Jason’s binder he had written in black marker: U Can’t Do Me None, G and it has remained with me all these years later from the tender age of 11.

U Can’t Do Me None, G… I’ll never forget it. It sticks with me ’til this day. Why though? I suppose at the time I thought it was funny, some real badass shit to say to someone who thought they could get the better of you. I thought it was tough, I thought it was cool, I thought it was such a different perspective than what I was used to… it wasn’t until I had my spiritual awakening, however, that I realized just how much weight U Can’t Do Me None, G held.

Let me explain: everything that you experience in your waking life is a crystalized thought. Whenever you experience something new, at some point you had a thought of it, your subconscious mind accepted it as truth, and the thought then was displayed on your screen of space as either a situation, experience, or as a person/people. This is true not only for some things, but for everything. Translation: You are the only one with power to bring about ANYTHING in your life. No one can bring you harm or good without your acceptance of it.

I know you’re with me… I know you’re following… but there’s a part of you that’s saying something along the lines of, “‘what about that time I got hit by that car’ or ‘what about when ____________ happened to me?’ I never once thought of those things, NOR did I accept them as truth, so if what you say above is true, htf could I have experienced it in my life?”

Good question. The truth is, you may have not thought of the exact happening, but you had thoughts of a similar frequency. That frequency was accepted by you as truth and manifested in your life as such.

Whatever is repeated consistently in your conscious mind is accepted as truth by your subconscious mind. Once that acceptance happens, the manifestation of the thought in your waking life begins.

From now on you are to stand as a soldier at the gateway of your mind. The second you come across a thought you do not like, don’t fight it, replace it with a positive thought instead. Soon enough, you’ll start to accept these positive thoughts and your reality will change for the better.

Moving forward, fear no one, fear no place, or no thing because now you know the truth:

U Can’t Do Me None, G

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