You Are The Master Of Your Vibration

Everything is energy. Matter is energy condensed to a slow vibration. More simply this means, you are vibrating energy, I am vibrating energy, everything we see is vibrating energy, and most importantly our thoughts, our emotions, and our beliefs are actively vibrating energy. If you’re really in tune with yourself, you will notice the slow down in your vibration when you start to feel sad. Similarly you’ll notice the increase in vibration when you feel excited or happy.

With energy, as I am sure you know, like attracts like. This is why when you’re feeling happy, maintaining positive thought saturation of your conscious mind, and acting out of love you’ll attract people, situations, and experiences of a similar vibration. The same is true for the converse. For instance, a shitty mood in the morning sets the tone for the entire day.

Due to what I describe above, how you experience life is a direct reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

As you get further into mediation and soul exploration you will find that the more you are in tune with your soul, the more light, power, and blessings you are inviting in to further raise your vibration.

Experiences of synchronicity, seeing number sequences, deja vu, and serendipity are not just coincidences – they are an indication that you are in alignment with your own divinity. These, and all positive experiences that bring joy, are an every day occurrence when the frequency you are transmitting through your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions is purely your own unaffected by the external world around you. Be sure to rejoice each time you experience one of these instances and immediately set your intention to notice it more and in different ways. This is a calling from the universe to let go and trust the way you are currently being directed.

The only thing the universe wants is the ability to flow through you unrestrictedly. Allow this to happen. Let go of all regret, all hate, all disappointment, all expectations, any and all feelings that do not lift you higher – your life really does depend upon it.

Be sure to bless everyone that crosses your path whether the interaction/relationship be good or bad because every interaction is a holy interaction and there is a lesson for your soul within each. Remember also to give thanks for the lesson and trust the next steps the universe lays out for you.

As a reminder, you have come here to create Heaven on Earth and your life is the vehicle for you to do it. You’ve been given all the tools – thoughts, beliefs, emotions – and now here you are with me learning how to push it further. Make it happen.

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