Angel Numbers

I recently reconnected with a friend of mine who has been made aware of the wonders of the universe via angel numbers.

Everywhere she goes, she sees the same sequence of numbers in ways that are undeniably a sign. What’s so strange about us reconnecting now is that the wonders of the universe were revealed to me in the same exact way; an endless array of number sequences that continues to this day.

Has this happened to you? Comment below!

My point for bringing it up is that my friend wants to know why this is happening. She wants to let the angels (or whomever) know she is grateful for it and thinks it is so cool, but she wants to know what it means… what she should now do…

I too had similar questions and answers continue to be revealed to me…

1. Show me your vibration and I will show you miracles ☆

2. Everything external is determined internally ☆

3. You aren’t a human having a spiritual experience, you are a spirit having a human experience ☆

4. Your thoughts are creative ☆

5. Let go of all control and surrender ☆

6. The feeling of joy is your natural state of being, all else is illusion ☆

7. Your soul is not bound to three dimensional existence ☆

8. Question everything ☆

9. Intuition is all you need ☆

10. This and more has been waiting for you ☆

To be continued… 🕉♾👁❤🌌

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