How To Stay In The Light

We think the enemy is fear, but it’s distraction.

It’s distraction that slowly leads us from the light and starts the downward spiral of thoughts that bring undesirable feelings that gladly welcome us into our own personal hell.

That’s why it’s so important to stay in the light, and I am going to show you how!! 

  1. When you feel the onset of fear (which is a byproduct of distraction) quickly affirm to yourself that you are divinely guided and divinely protected. Remind yourself that everything is yours for the taking!
  2. Always think for yourself. More specifically, question everything! Never take someone else’s thoughts/ideas as absolute truth; find your own and make sure it’s positive.
  3. Whenever you encounter defeat, train your mind to find the seed of advantage which exists inside each instance.
  4. Realize that your mind acts like a radio and can tune into different frequencies via your thoughts and feelings. Once you’re tuned into the right frequencies you bring about all the things you once desired!
  5. When you pray, do not beg and beseech. God does not know problems, God knows solutions. Bring your solutions and best possible outcomes to the energy we call God and watch as miracles unfold in your life.
  6. Lastly, remind yourself the only reason you are here is to master your mind. Refuse to be a slave to it, refuse anything but the absolute best, and understand that you are the only one that can bring good or bad things into your life.

Light and Love y’all

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