Playing Pretend Can Save Your Life

As stated in yesterday’s blog post “This Info Will Change Your Life,” nothing you have ever experienced has been what it really is because it has been seen through the veil of relatable past experience. What makes this so great is that now that we know, we work to remove that veil in order to better our experiences and thereby our lives.

Here’s the issue with that though, a lot of shit is hard to let go of. More specifically, there are instances of pain we have each suffered in our lives (of varying degrees) which ingrained a fear so deep inside ourselves that we doubt the ability to rid ourselves of it even if the ridding of it will greatly benefit our lives.

A few things here people… number 1, you can do anything as long as you practice, so never, ever, give up. Number 2, since we are attempting to fix ourselves ASAP, there is a trick you can use to change the pain to a completely different experience: imaginative visualization.

Here is what I’m suggesting you do:

  1. Quickly recall the moment(s) that you think you cannot remove feeling from in order to better future experiences.
  2. Now, recall the frame of mind needed to mimic someone (we’ve all done it). It’s a similar frame of mind we used whilst playing pretend.
  3. Begin to play yourself and the other characters in your mind and put them in the same situation.
  4. Restructure the dialog that took place to correspond to GOOD feelings, rather than the bad that originally scarred you.
  5. Repeat until this is crystalized in your mind

I am so honored to have the time, wisdom, and capabilities to be able to share this and all else with you all.


Light & Love

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