When I was 14 I was hit by a car and spent 5 days in a coma. Since that time I have felt a certain way; one I could never fully identify. I now understand , however, that the energy I have been identifying with since that accident as God.

Like many others, I was always taught that God is an old man who lives somewhere in the sky who impregnated a virgin somewhere in the Middle East so that he could give life to his only son, Jesus.

Let’s read that again…

I was always wary of this story, but for some reason I dismissed it instead of further looking into it with the question, “why?” Why would this story be told? Why would so many believe it? Why is the story of a virgin birth not unique to Christianity?

Allow me to drop a few truth bombs on you:

  1. The Bible (New & Old Testaments) is not a historical account but a psychological tool which describes how to create Heaven on Earth
  2. God is an energy, not a man, and should be referred to as “It” instead of “He” so that there can be no further mistake in your mind
  3. The energy that is God feels good always – it feels exciting, fun, happy, and like all things good, any time you yourself do not feel, or catch a vibe from someone else that does not feel the way I have described above, you must use discernment to identify it as such and then immediately dismiss it
  4. Miracles are signs that you are aligned with the energy that is God and are a daily occurrence, if you’re not seeing angel numbers or some other form of a sign from the Universe, you have further self excavation to do
  5. Watch some YouTube videos by Bill Donahue on the secrets of the Bible
  6. Any time you speak on something, think on something, or act on something, you are calling about a spirit – make sure it’s a good one.


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