You Can Have Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

You can have everything you’ve ever wanted because, guess what…

It’s all up to you!

Let’s start by taking a good look at yourself and your life. How are things going? Are they going well? Do you feel joy and happiness when reflecting on your life or do you feel something less, something worse?

If it’s the latter you feel, you must get ready to accept change into your life. Get comfortable being uncomfortable! 

Humans can get pretty lazy once we feel safe, or recognize our fear of the unknown future. We often find ourselves settling for things that are so far beyond what we want solely because we’re afraid of what we don’t know. Somewhere in our minds we know that we take an active part in creating our reality, but our fears have broken us down so much that we feel too tired to keep trying, or even keep thinking, of what we really want.

It’s a comforting thought to think that the blessings of the universe are somehow bestowed upon us in a way we don’t understand, isn’t it? I mean… it’s a hell of a lot easier than participating in their formation.

‘Cause we’re tired, right? Beat down, sad, frustrated, and tired… RIGHT?

You better get the fuck up and remember that everything that is not bringing you joy is an illusion. You better rise up and start believing in your power, your POWER to create good things, or you’re never gonna see it. You better read this sentence right now and realize how you created all the shit in your life and if this creative power can work for shitty things… don’t you think it could work for amazing things?

Your dominant thoughts dictate your fate, rule your world, are the Lord of your life. Make sure they’re good ones.

Start with the following while going to sleep tonight… gently relax each of your body parts in your mind, going through your body in as much or as little detail as you would like. Once you’re fully relaxed, repeat the following until you drift off to sleep, “health, wealth, happiness, success….”

Every time you’re not speaking to someone, from now on, I want you to do the same.

“Health, wealth, happiness, success”

Let’s watch the magic unfold together.

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