You’re Missing Integral Parts Of The Puzzle

Let me help shed some light on things that will help you live a fuller life:

  1. Anything that has already occurred in your life is in the past. The only true thought one can hold about the past is that it is not here. Any other thought about the past is an illusion.
  2. At any moment you have two choices, move forward in love or move backwards in fear.
  3. Sight and sound are senses without sense. They are merely a means of giving your mind witness to the world you want to see.
  4. Attack against another will hurt you.
  5. If you knew who walked beside you, there would be no need for fear.
  6. Through the spiritual eye is the only true way to see the world.
  7. When you pray, don’t beg and beseech – God doesn’t know problems, God knows solutions. Think of the best possible outcome and nourish it with love and expectation.
  8. Read #1 again – if the past is no more, then the you you were in the past is also no more. In any given moment you have the ability to think – be sure to think of yourselves and others as being their best versions in every sense and watch as the world in front of you changes dramatically.
  9. The Universe never punishes people, we punish ourselves by misuse of of the laws of the mind: Think good and good follows, think evil and evil follows.
  10. Who is more hurtful? The one who did you wrong one time or you who lives it over and over in your mind?


I don’t have all the answers, but I’m learning and want you to learn with me. Forgive others, inclusive of yourself, and start imagining the very best – because that’s all there is.



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