Economics of the Mind

QQ… what happens when there’s a product out and no one buys it?

Answer: The product is discontinued and no longer sold.

Throughout our lifetime there are a countless number of phrases that we repeatedly hear. Some of these phrases have been spoken so much that we barely give thought to its meaning when we hear it said or we say it ourselves. There’s one phrase I’m thinking of in particular.

Namely, “Pay attention.”

There it is. We know the meaning, right? It means to focus on something. We’ve heard it so many times that we know what to do right away when someone says it. What we fail to realize, however, is the definition of the two words separate from each other and how that actually plays a part of dictating our reality.

Humans are nothing other than belief expressed. Whether it be dreams or fears, both will without a doubt be realized because what manifests on our screen of space is what we wholeheartedly believe to be true.

Our beliefs are made up of thoughts and feelings. In this entire world, this entire existence, the only things we have complete control over is these; our thoughts and feelings.

In other words, our thoughts and feelings are the unit of payment we use for our beliefs. We are literally paying attention.

Every single conversation you take part in, song you listen to, show/movie you watch, person you interact with, etc. – is programming your subconscious mind and playing  a part in dictating the reality that you live.

This is your life and you’re buying the experience with your thoughts, your feelings, and your time.

So tell me… are you spending wisely?

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