How To Make Meditation Work For You

A lot of people do not know how to meditate. Even those who do know how quit soon after starting because they are not seeing the results they thought they would.

First let me say that the results most should expect from meditation include, but are not limited to, the following:

Reduced stress
Increased happiness
Increased quality time spent with self and others
Increased awareness
and Increased enjoyment of life

I feel as if I am writing this post for someone who needs this information…

Life in general is meant to be easy, fun, and joyful. If it’s not, something is wrong.

To start you on the right path of getting to this optimal viewpoint try the following.

Sit down in a darkened calm room. Close your eyes. Mentally command each part of your body to relax. Once you’ve gone through your entire body, you’ll feel amazingly relaxed. This is the state of mind where your subconscious is easily influenced. Take this time to mentally repeat the following:

“There has to be an easier way. Show me an easier way.”

Keep with this at least once a day.

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