There Will Be Times

There will be times when you feel upset, sad, overwhelmed, depressed, and even scared. Unfortunately, we’re all familiar with these feelings.

On the other hand, we’re also familiar with the  feelings of joy, happiness, love, excitement, elation, and delight but for some reason we identify with the aforementioned more often. Don’t we?

We are constantly fed images of money, celebrity, beauty, perfection, all with the undertone that we are worthless without them and even when we do acquire them, we’ll need more. Why?

We are forced fed this information so often that when we walk down the street we find it more normal to see someone stressed out and sad than we do someone who is happy and singing. Why?

We constantly see advertisements for pharmaceuticals catering to those who are sad so that they can be happy. We see this so often that we not only think it’s normal, but we also think that if we don’t feel happy all the time there’s something wrong with us. Why?

We live in the age of Social Media where an incessant need of validation from others in order to feel good about ourselves is forced down our throat daily. Why?

The answer to all these whys is as follows:

So that we feel bad often enough that we come to expect it.

We don’t attract what we think. We don’t attract what we feel. We attract what we expect.

Now that you know that, and how most things you see on a daily basis are meant to have you feel a specific way so that you expect to at all times… what are you going to do?

Once or twice a day sit in a quiet calm room. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. In your mind command each of your body parts to relax. Once you reach the desired state of mind where your subconscious can be influenced repeat the following:

Love, peace, joy, happiness, beauty.
I am divinely guided and divinely protected, everything is mine.

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