Use Prayer & Meditation Wisely

I am noticing a pattern recently when I speak with people. They’ll say somehting to the effect of, “I’m praying so-and-so doesn’t win the election” or “I sure hope s/he gets what they deserve” etc.

When we pray or meditate we are using our mind to connect with Source. As we all know, Source is the life force existing in all of us and each thing we see; some of us call it “God” or “The Universe”

When we pray/meditate, we are literally ordering more of the dominant feeling we have while praying. For example, the person who doesn’t want someone to win the election is ordering more frustration and worry to manifest in different ways for themselves. Similarly, the person seeking vengeance for another’s actions is ordering judgement from others to manifest frequently in their own life.

This life force will give you whatever it is you focus on and charge with emotion and it works EVERY SINGLE TIME.

This is why forgiveness is so important; to rid your heart and mind of unclean emotions that are guaranteed to further mess your life up if not let go. This is also why loving yourself is important; to completely nullify any ill feelings you have toward yourself festering in your mind and therefore your near future. The list of important actions to take goes on… I’m sure you can think of many more.

There is no one in our way but ourselves. We are here to forget everything we were taught in order to remember why it is we came here and how to get back home.


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