I Wish I Knew This 20 Years Ago


Hindsight is always 20/20 isn’t it?

Although we may not currently have the absolute ability to go back in time to teach ourselves what we know now, we can, without a doubt, teach our children, and others, the things we have learned to be true.

  1. Your body is the light bulb, God (The Universe) is the electricity, and your soul is the light emitted
  2. God (The Universe) is an energy that responds to both the positive and negative depending on where your focus is
  3. No one can hurt you unless you allow them to
  4. Metaphysics > Religion
  5. Life is meant to be fun
  6. Meditation is not just sitting quietly, there’s another world you can tap into and in that world, all of this world is determined.
  7. We don’t manifest what we think. We don’t manifest how we feel. We manifest what we expect.
  8. Every answer you need to better your life can be found inside you and there are books which can act as a map for you to find it.
  9. We are here on Earth to sharpen our spiritual tools so that we can master different aspects of our selves in order to level up.
  10. Think only thoughts of peace, harmony, love, joy, abundance and goodwill. All else is a lie and will leave you empty.


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