The Mirror

If you’re like me, you’ve often heard that others are a mirror and the behavior you observe from them reflects behavior of your own that needs to be acknowledged.

Despite hearing this, and even agreeing with it, you, like me, fail to understand how someone’s sophomoric behavior could be existant in your own behavior. For instatnce, you may encounter someoine who is extremely rude, yet you know you always try your best to show kindess and be polite. Or, you may come across an individual who displays anger and projects negative energy toward you – leaving you confused since you always swear you’re “in the light.”

I came to a realization the other day that I think is important to share with you. Somone needs this information, and it’s one of you who is now reading this. Now this is some good information, read closely:

Just beacuse the other person is a mirror does not mean that the mirror acts like a mirror that we use to do our hair each morning. On the contrary, this type of mirror displays the self-behavior you need to address, but often not in the direct way that you yourself are committing the offense.

For example, from above, you enoucnter the person who is extremely rude and feel confused because you always show kindess and are polite… are you kind and polite to YOURSELF? Is your self-talk kind and polite, or are you nit-picking and brining yourself down because that is the broken record playing in your mind?

The next example, the negative energy/angry individual… yes, I am sure you are, in fact, staying “in the light” and displaying kindness to all whose path you cross… BUT are you being kind to yourself? Are you calling yourself “stupid” when you make a silly mistake? Are you getting angry at the news, or the current political climate? Are you reliving past regrets and situations in your mind repeatedly that are keeping you angry and negative?

So… yes, others are mirrors and here for us to learn more about ourselves so that we can get to the next level – but all the work isn’t done for you. You must take the information you are given by the mirror and embark on some self exploration to see where it may be that you are exhibiting the same behavior and are just not aware.


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