Multiverse Experiment

There is a theory that we all live in a multiverse. In this multiverse every single thing we can imagine exists. This means, more specifically, that whatever you can actively picture yourself as is obtainable as long as you raise your vibration to meet it.

There’s no real way to tell if this is true, but, let’s pretend today that it is. Here’s how we’re going to get to this better version of ourselves:

Sit comfortably somewhere and close your eyes. In your mind start to mention each body part and command it to rest. After going through your body part list (being as detailed as you want to) you’ll reach a state of relaxation where you’re able to affect your vibration. Repeat the following on every breath in, “love, joy, happiness, free” and actively feel the lower version of yourself leaving each time you exhale.

Let’s do this.


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