Not Loving Yourself & People Who Don’t Like You

I am happy that there was a time in my life where I did not love myself. Why, you ask? I am happy about it because I can now advise others about what to do when in that situation. 

When you don’t love yourself the only people and situations you attract are people who don’t love themselves and situations that will help you continue to not love yourself. 

The danger here lies outside of the obvious… the danger here is that the act of not loving yourself can manifest in different ways than you’re experiencing it. You, likely are experiencing it on the level of low self esteem due to issues you faced in your youth; which is common… but… since like attracts like and like does not attract identical, your not loving self will possibly attract sociopaths and others like them who will, once you’re attached, stop at nothing to suck all of your energy and ruin your life. 

No matter what the cost, start loving yourself now. 

As subtext, stay away from people who don’t like you. If you’re a good person you will have your mind working endlessly to figure out why they don’t like you and it is the BIGGEST energy suck of all time. Give them no thought whatsoever. 

Not sure who this message is for, but I know someone needed to read it. 

Light and love y’all. #outwityourself 

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