It’s wild man… people devote so much of their energy to exacting revenge on people they perceived to have done them wrong at some point in the past; even if it were years ago!

Why is this so crazy? I’ll list three main reasons, but believe me there are more.

1. Your energy is so important. You want it to be devoted to establishing only good, first for yourself and then for others. You are here to develop your soul… don’t forget.

2. Whatever you think about, no matter how much time is spent in the thought, if it’s emotionally charged it will be realized. HOWEVER, it will be realized on a personal level. Meaning, by thinking about, plotting, and executing revenge you are opening the door to your own life for negative people and negative experiences, tenfold.

3. Whenever you “attack” in any way whatsoever you are denying your own divinity, your own godlike power that enables you to channel all disappointment and hurt into a seed of opportunity, which will yield a blessing bigger than you could ever imagine.

Give it to God and go to sleep.

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