Effective Meditation When You Have Major Anxiety

We live in a world that practically forces us to be anxious about anything and everything. As soon as you turn on the TV, as soon as you leave the home, as soon as you check social media, as soon as you talk to a friend… you’re faced with images or descriptions of ugly things intended to make you retreat into the self sabotaging feeling of fear.

We’re anxious beings. There’s no argument otherwise.

Due to that fact, we have trouble meditating because it’s hard to get our bodies and minds to a relaxed enough state. Let me help you with that…

First, let’s start the same way: seated in a comfortable position in a quiet room and mentally run through the list of body parts commanding them to relax individually. Again, be as detailed as you wish.

Next, recognize and acknowledge the anxiety that exists within you. Mentally say, “I have been through a lot and it has caused these uncomfortable feelings that are undeniably real.” Repeat this until it resonates.

We are then going to take our attention from the acknowledgement of anxiety to our breaths. As you breathe in, imagine yourself breathing out – as you breathe out, imagine yourself breathing in. I know this seems strange, and at times you will get confused but stay with it because it will confuse your conscious mind into submission.

Now that we’re in a relaxed state, we’re going to flood our minds with love, joy, peace, acceptance, and abundance. Literally repeat the words love, joy, peace, acceptance, and abundance in your mind on each breath in imagining these shapeless entities filling your body.

Continue as long as you wish. Pay no attention to time, only to how you feel. Continue with this daily.


Love and light y’all.


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