The Popularity Of Distraction

We think the enemy is fear, or maybe hate, but it’s not… it’s distraction. 

Before we get started, I need you to understand that the magic of life can never be fully realized by an individual until all feelings that amount to anything less than excellence are completely eradicated. 

At any given moment we are given the opportunity to move forward with love or backward with fear; each opens the door to a different universe; namely Heaven and Hell.

In the age of Social Media we have been given the opportunity to express ourselves on a larger scale than has ever before been possible. This is great, as it can be used productively. However, what we have also been given is a perceived need for validation that weakens our drive, individuality, and potential to be great by prompting us to hold grievances if not obtaining a large number of “likes.” Failure to obtain these “likes” puts us in the mental state of questioning our worth and our state in the minds of others. As if this weren’t bad enough already, Facebook then adds the feature of the user being able to “like” the comments left under a post thereby increasing this limiting feeling further!

Listen, if you are thinking about how you’re perceived by others so dramatically you are unable to think of yourself as how you truly are; namely, a ray of light, an abundance of love, and a human being that can fully realize the magic of life by eradicating all feelings that amount to anything less than excellence.

Please give thought to the contrived feelings Social Media evokes within you. 

You are here to be great. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. 

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