We All Have Set Reactions 

We are human beings comprised of blood, flesh, and experiences.It goes without saying that experiences are different for all of us but what might be useful to know is that we developed set reactions we unconsciously set into motion today because of those experiences. 

For instance, every time you’re upset maybe you light a cigarette, have a drink, eat junk food excessively, etc.

Are you able to recognize this in yourself?

The aforementioned are kinda obvious. Have you ever thought of others like maybe a spiral of negative thought, self hate inner dialog, or even fidgeting/worrying?

The point is, when bad shit happens we have a go-to behavior that is bad for us and because we habitually choose this behavior unconsciously we are abusing ourselves each time and thus creating a cycle for more bad shit to happen. 

Ya with me?


Look, it’s extremely important to take a deep look inside yourself and identify what these go-to behaviors may be for you. Once they’re identified you’ll be conscious of them and have a better chance at breaking the cycle. 

Although this will not be easy, the next time one of these behaviors rears its head, repeat the following to yourself until a feeling of calm washes over you:

“I am amazing. I can do anything. I will not be a victim. A river of peace runs through my soul”


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