Today’s Issues

Our bodies were not intended to endure today’s stressful work environment along with 24/7 depressing world and local news, economic anxiety, and so on. Even more so, neither were our souls!

People respond to this overflow of stress by overeating, drinking or drugging to excess, and self medicating making the situation even worse than it already was!

Our minds are disorganized as a result of all this. When our mind is disorganized we let fear make our decisions rather than thinking through an issue. With the popularity of Social Media and all else that is online, we are no longer connecting with the individuals and situations around us leading us further into an array of negative results.

This is why meditation is necessary. Meditation is to the mind what a daily shower and daily exercise are to the mind and the body; it is absolutely essential. In addition, if you’re not eating right, you’re probably not thinking right. Pay attention to what you’re putting in your body, not only food, but also thoughts. We cannot be the best we can be if we are feeding our minds and bodies with crap.

Outwit Yourself

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