Divine Timing

During my Junior year of college, there was a new professor at the school and this professor decided that he did not like me.

I never gave him a reason not to like me, he just didn’t like me. During the semester I had him as a professor, he made life difficult for me in various ways. This, as one can imagine, was frustrating and infuriating. 

I had many good things happening at this time too though, so I continued to feel good, as I always do. I was playing music with my friends, I had a girlfriend I adored, and I was just elected as President of the Anthropology Club for the school. Life went on as this professor actively tried to ruin my day. 

Fast forward 6 months. It’s the start of my senior year. A new house. New classes. Old friends. New friends. The usual. A new year as President of the Anthropology Club. 

There was something else new that year; the aforementioned professor was up for tenure.

How great for him. Tenure. What a great accomplishment that would be. 

Amongst the different areas of testing he had to go through in order to obtain his tenure was written approval of the President of the Anthropology Club.

In sum, don’t ever worry about timing. Stay in your joy, bask in your happiness, and everything… I mean everything… will come to pass when it should. 

Outwit yourself. 

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