Your Personal Crystal Ball

How often are we so anxious about what might happen that we wish we had a way to tell the future? Often, right?!?! 

It’s time someone let you on to a little secret… your feelings emit a magnetic vibration that attract people, experiences, and situations of a similar caliber. 

More specifically, it is imperative you train your mind to sift through your thoughts identifying “good & productive” thoights and “bad & of no value” thoughts. Once you aquire this ability you can then harness the former and completely ditch the latter.

Wait, you say… I thought we were talking about feelings, not thoughts…

You’re right, we are talking about feelings but thoughts are the precursor to feelings and control of thoughts leads to control of feelings and control of feelings creates your personal crystal ball.

In sum, start with your mind, continue with your heart, and you’re well on your way to having a better grip on what’s to come next…
Outwit yourself  

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